Why Am I Craving Sunflower Seeds?

I’m Craving Sunflower Seeds!

One of the questions we receive most often at Love, Home and Health is, “What does it mean if I’m craving sunflower seeds?

We talked about cravings in “If You Crave This – Your Body is Lacking This“,

but we want to specifically respond to the craving of Sunflower seeds because evidently a LOT of people are dealing with this…


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Why am I Craving Sunflower Seeds?

Often craving Sunflower Seeds indicates a Tryptophan deficiency.  Tryptophan is one of the 20 essential amino acids that our bodies need to operate properly.

Tryptophan helps our bodies to produce vitamin B3 (niacin). It helps our brain to produce serotonin which is partially responsible for normal sleep.

A deficiency of either or both of those things can also cause problems with our nervous system, anxiety, depression.

So you can see why it’s so important that we give our bodies the nutrients it needs.

If You Crave THIS, Your Body is Lacking THIS - www.LoveHomeandHealth.com

Our Bodies Are Stuffed But Starving

Our bodies can’t tell us “Hey, I’m low on Niacin and Serotonin – so we’d better find a filling station down the road before too long or we’re going to be in trouble.”

So the body sends out signals to let us know what it’s needing.  It’s up to us to supply those needs. Our body really does tell us when it’s lacking one or more nutrients.  It just cannot run properly without the nutrients it needs.

When our body’s Tryptophan resources start to “peter out”, several symptoms can come on right away – such as dermatitis, diarrhea, dementia and digestion problems.


Why Am I Craving Sunflower Seeds at www.LoveHomeandHealth.com

Foods High in Tryptophan

Other high Tryptophan foods include nuts, seeds, tofu, cheese, red meat, chicken, turkey, fish, oats, beans, lentils, and eggs.

Instant Relief

If you crave Sunflower seeds, as so many seem to do – you will notice that when you take that first handful and chew them up and swallow them – you will feel a kind of instant relief.

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Like when you’re working outside and you get so thirsty and you finally get a drink of ice cold water.

That’s how fast – supplying some of these deficiencies work.

Be sure to get low sodium Sunflower Seeds – they’re much better for you.

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  1. Angela said:

    This was SO true for me! I read your post about Cravings and boy, I had pica for YEARS! And I craved fats (ice-cream and sunflower seeds). I would eat a pound of sunflower seeds a day sometimes (yeeaah, I got some “D” from that; but then it got so even without fats I’d have “D” or fat malabsorption – a symptom of celiac, and actually could or was an undiagnosed issue with gallbladder I’m realizing now. I also had h pylori and have SIBO – quite the mess going on in thar!). I also craved ice, preferably Sonic drive-thru ice (picky me)! It turns out I had celiac disease. I think years later I’m still suffering some gallbladder issues (I STILL crave fats)! I’ve read allergens provoke anger in the gallbladder, and my liver has issue detoxing. I should juice 😉 (I’m watching the Super Juice Me documentary you suggested, thanks for sharing that). I was going to look up Joe Cross to rematch his movie. I STILL have low serotonin, but tis so much better with cleaned up diet. Thanks to you for sharing what you do to help people.

    February 28, 2016
    • Kay Comer said:

      Angela – Add some good Milk Thistle daily and you should see an improvement in your liver function right away. Just go to amazon and read the reviews and see which one fits your budget best – and be sure and read the review’s. Don’t buy one with less than a 4 star rating. Thanks for reading and hope you stop by often … Kay
      PS – the brands I like best of most supplements are Soloray, NOW, Doctor’s Best and Nature’s Bounty. Read about the Milk Thistle’s under each brand. It’s very inexpensive – we take it on and off all the time just to keep our liver’s functioning properly.

      March 1, 2016

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