Onion Cravings Could Point to a Sluggish Liver!

Maybe food cravings are kind of like watching our dogs and cats eat grass.  We’ve all heard that when our pets go into the yard and eat grass – they are medicating themselves and giving their own bodies some nutrient it needs out of that grass.
I’m guessing our own bodies do the same thing.  WE may not know what we need – but our bodies will tell us by our food cravings.

Do You Crave Onions?  You Probably Have A Sluggish Liver!

People who crave onions generally have a liver function that just isn’t what it should be.

Onions contain a lot of sulfur and sulfur helps improve our liver function.  If we are burdened with a sluggish liver – it just can’t work to break down and dispose of the toxins in our bodies like it needs to.

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Health Benefits of Onions

We happen to love onions in Round Knob Canyon and we eat them almost daily.

I did find in my research that the stronger onions had the best health benefit – and we buy the Sweet Onion – so I guess we could be doing better, maybe.  But we LOVE Sweet Onions.

Onions are also anti inflammatory and anti bacterial.  They help prevent heart disease and blood clots and stomach and other cancers.

So while onions may be looked at as a bad breath food – they really are very beneficial to our health.  And there aren’t many things more delicious than a big thick slice of cold crisp onion with maybe white beans and cornbread.

Onions have been considered one of the world’s healthiest foods for centuries and back in the days before real doctors and prescription drugs – it was used as a medicine on many occasions.

It was so valued in ancient times – it was not only given as gifts – but used as payment for things – just like money.

Onions may have a strong aroma – but their value is beyond measure.   You may or may not crave onions – but it’s probably a good idea to eat them anyway – and often.

Having said all of that, the craving of onions can often point to a sluggish liver and no matter what you do, you can’t be healthy with an unhealthy Liver.


Milk Thistle and It’s Health Benefits for a Sluggish Liver

So talking about a sluggish liver brings us to talking about Milk Thistle.  Milk Thistle is one of the most used medicinal plants on earth.  But now I’m not brave enough or educated enough to mess with the real plant in the wild and we even have it growing right here in the canyon but ours is ornamental only.  We take our Milk Thistle right out of the bottle.

Trust me when I tell youeven if you have almost destroyed your liver with bad diet, alcohol or other things – if you will just do a good liver cleanse and then get on a good Milk Thistle and then a good and healthy diet – you can turn that old sluggish liver into a powerhouse of defense on the part of the rest of  your body.  YES!!!  You CAN!!!

Now there will be instances where you have just gone too far with abusing your liver.  I haven’t seen that happen yet and I’ve worked with a couple of people with really bad Cirrhosis of the liver and they were able to turn it around.  Both of those men had been given 2 months to live.  Their doctors were shocked when they came back to the office for their one month checkups after leaving the hospital and being sent home to die  and they were stronger than the doctor had ever even seen them.  HOWEVER – you must stick WITH that Milk Thistle and you must stay away from the junk foods and alcohol – that’s the key.

It just boils down to one simple question – Do you want to live? Or do you want to eat Twinkies for whatever short period of time you may have left?

If you have almost destroyed your liver with alcohol or a bad diet find yourself a good Milk Thistle and take it several times a day, DAILY! And stay away from things that are bad for your liver – like that alcohol and junk food.  Start eating to LIVE!!!

Whether you crave onions or not – have you been told you have a sluggish or congested liver by your doctor?  Do you know what you’re going to do about it?   We don’t have to take Milk Thistle for the rest of our lives – but now and then – it’s just good to give the liver a good rejuvenating with Liver Smart Milk Thistle.   That’s what we do at our house –

Your liver can bounce back like it’s a little tennis ball being used to play Seven Up on the side of a house on a warm summer afternoon.

This post has been one in our series on “Cravings“.  If you’d like to continue on with cravings, click here!

If you’d like to learn more about Liver function and how Milk Thistle could help to improve it here!

Disclaimer:   Now you must remember that we are absolutely not doctors here at Love, Home and Health.  We share home remedies and this and that – that has worked for us or someone close to us.   You should never ever treat a serious illness without going to your doctor and asking him to monitor you if you are wanting to try to heal your body naturally.  

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  1. Lanni said:

    Here is an odd twist: I have been overweight for the past 14 years since after my third child was born and I haven’t been able to keep the weight off. My medtbolo is shot, and although I don’t eat a lot whatever I do eat sticks like fat glue to me.
    With regards to Ionians, all my life I have had this overwhelming and awful allergy to onion where I can not eat raw onions, my body cannot tolerate the taste of raw onions, or even the smell – even it it’s hidden or you blindfold me, if I smell it m
    Or taste it I instantly throw up !
    What might that be?

    April 23, 2016
    • Kay Comer said:

      I’d really have to study that to see Lanni – but I’m more interested in the fact that your metabolism is low and in spite of not over eating you can’t lose weight. If you have an old timey mercury thermometer or similar … put it under your arm after sitting for an hour this evening or when ever – and see what your body temp is. THEN do the same thing immediately after you wake up in the morning and see what it is before you get up. If you are much under 98.6 – your problem is your thyroid and I’m researching now to do a SUPER blog on thyroid health. SO MANY THOUSANDS have unhealthy thyroids and have no clue they have the issue … and a low thyroid can destroy your day – day after day after day …. If you don’t mind – if you do check your temp … let me know what it read. But you need to be sitting very still for an hour before you take it … hope to hear back from you – because you can FIX that 🙂

      April 25, 2016

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