Knowing Your Blood Clotting Factor Can Save Your Life!

What Is a Blood Clotting Factor?

What is “blood clotting factor?  What does that mean?   It’s so important that we all know our blood clotting factor because that could literally save our lives.   Clotting – or coagulation, as it is also referred to – is just the process by which our blood changes from a thin liquid to a kind of gooey gel.  If it gets too thick – that’s when clots can form and we know that’s not good at all.  A clotting test will measure how long it takes our blood to clot and it’s ability to do so.

Clotting of the blood is what prevents us from bleeding too badly when we get a cut.    So it needs to be just the right consistency.  We don’t want it so thick that it can’t move freely through our arteries.   If that happens – that’s when clots can form and when that happens they can travel on through our bloodstream to our lungs or brain or heart – and that’s what causes heart attacks and stroke and can even cause instant death.

How Do We Determine Our Blood Clotting Factor?

SO having our blood tested – will tell our doctor if we are at risk of having a disorder that could make us bleed excessively from a cut or one that could plug up our arteries with a clot.  NEITHER are GOOD!  Got it?

You’ve probably seen your platelet count on your print out from your blood work up at the doctor.  Well the platelets are cells in our blood that help our blood to clot.  And there are simple everyday things that can make those platelet counts high or low.  Neither of THOSE is a good sign – although a platelet count that’s off today – may be a freak thing and back to normal tomorrow.

An unusually low number of platelets can be from chemo or from some of our meds.   Too high of a count can be caused by anemia or leukemia.  So we want our platelet and blood clot factor to always be just where the doctor ordered it to be.  🙂

SO we can find out our blood clot factor with a simple blood test at the doctor’s office.   And sorry we don’t have a home remedy FOR that  🙂  But even WE get 6 month blood profiles drawn.  And that’s because keeping a good track of your blood profile – can help the doctor catch something you don’t want going on … before it gets too bad to do something about it.

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Foods That Build Strong and Healthy Blood Cells

It’s so true – it’s all about our food.  There are also foods we can eat to help us build strong and healthy blood.   Some of those foods are papaya, wheatgrass, pomegranate, lean proteins and fish, leafy greens, foods that supply a good amount of Vitamin C – like kiwi, citrus fruits, apples, broccoli and others.  Also pumpkin, believe it or not, is good for the blood and beets.   We actually put about 1/4 of a beet in many of our juice drinks.  It’s delicious, makes for a beautiful glass of juice and is SO good for building good blood.  Also gooseberries – but I’ll have to tell ya – I don’t think I’ve had a gooseberry in my life.

Well this tells us just a little bit more about healthy blood and our clotting factor.   It really is true – we are what we eat and drink.   And every single thing we eat or drink works to either build up our bodies or help to start tearing them down.   It’s OUR choice!!!

Peace and lots of love – from me to all of you.

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